Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates offer the highest degree of authentication and TLS/SSL protection for websites.

DarkMatter EV SSL Certificates help establish the legitimacy of a business claiming to operate a website by confirming its legal and physical existence; the identity and authority of the personnel involved in purchasing the certificate; and its control over the web domains included in the certificate. 

DarkMatter performs extensive manual validation of the applications:  

  • That the requesting Organization has a Legal, Physical and Operational existence
  • That the requesting Organization is the owner, or has the exclusive rights, of the Domain in the request.
  • That the required approvals for requesting a certificate has been given by the organization


DarkMatter EV SSL Certificates are issued in accordance with the Guidelines for the Issuance and Management of Extended Validation Certificates (EV Guidelines) published by the CA/Browser Forum. 



An EV-secured webpage is identified by the green address bar. 


  • EV TLS

    * Green address bar in browser
    * Confirms the URL
    * Enable Strong encryption
    * Extensive validation of the website owner
    * Multi Domain support